Creative minds wanted!

Training as an apparel sewer

Creative minds wanted!

What requirements do I have to meet?

  • Secondary school certificate or very good school leaving certificate
  • Interest in creative designing activities as well as manual, precise and diligent work
  • Enjoyment of handling materials and machines

What is the content of the training?

As an apparel sewer, you will work in various production areas. Besides the actual sewing in our sample sewing department, you also will learn all associated activities, such as how to prepare sectional images, tailoring different fabrics and the operation of embroidery machines. Before the individual work steps are carried out, the corresponding workflows which also belong to your area of responsibility must be planned. Regular quality controls also are part of your two-year apprenticeship, during which you will repeatedly plan and carry out projects independently together with other apprentices.

What’s the next step when you finish training?

Once you have successfully completed training as an apparel sewer, many job opportunities will be open to you within the production process.
The development opportunities are varied: E.g. you can continue your training as an apparel sewer or go for further training as a technician in the field of clothing technology.

When and how can I apply?

Training begins on August 1 every year. When applying, please use the following link and attach a tabular resume, your last two school reports and certificates of any internships or other activities which might be of interest for your training.

Online application

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at:

Viktoria Miller
Viktoria Miller
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