Company health management

The health of our employees is particularly important to us. Since establishing our in-house Health Circle in 2013, we have been dealing with this issue more intensively than ever. In the meantime, we have continuously optimised our work environment and repeatedly initiated new, targeted offers for our employees. At the same time, we also receive professional support from an external health manager.

  • Regular Health Days
    Once a year we invite all of our employees to attend our Health Day, which is held under a different motto every year. Here everyone regularly has an opportunity to have, for instance, his blood sugar, cholesterol level, vascular flow rate or pulmonary function tested by a professional and be advised of the results (anonymously of course).


  • Ergo Days / Brief massages on the job
    Working in front of a computer screen or at a sewing machine can produce tenseness in the shoulder/neck region. Here, it is especially important to design the workplace ergonomically in order to prevent long-term damage. In the context of a so-called “Ergo Day”, all employees are given an opportunity to consult a physiotherapist on-site and free-of-charge. A professional masseuse provides brief changeoff by offering regular appointments at the respective location.
  • Sporting activities
    Regular exercise is important, and often neglected due to a lack of time after work. To support our employees’ plans in this regard, various sporting activities are regularly scheduled at the Lauterbach location. For instance a back training course, a cross training group or a Zumba course. Moreover, an annual tennis tournament is held at our company tennis court and our participation in regional company races has been a fixed event for many years now.


  • Cooking evenings for healthy nutrition
    In day-to-day life, we seldom take time to deal with the subject of nutrition adequately. Within the framework of the Health Circle, we regularly offer our employees cooking evenings featuring various seasonal topics which at the same time promote interdepartmental exchange.