Benefits at CWS-boco Supply Chain Management

Just as our employees have for many years worked with full commitment and passion to achieve our common goals, so we honour this commitment not only with competitive remuneration, but also with a large number of different additional benefits:

  • Company pension scheme with employer supplement
    For quite some time now it has been clear that the state pension alone is not an adequate old age provision for many people. We support our employees’ material security in old age with an employer contribution to the Metallrente pension, a company pension scheme in the form of remuneration conversion that insures our employees and their dependents in old age as well as in case of death.
  • Optional employee bonus loan
    In order to provide our employees with additional support in the context of private asset formation, the option of obtaining a so-called “employee bonus loan” annually also exists. These loans also are subsidised by us in the context of capital accumulation benefits.
  • Provision of capital accumulation benefits
    As a subsidy to a building loan or saving contract or a private pension allowance contract, we offer the provision of capital accumulation benefits..
  • Subsidies for workplace spectacles
    In cases where our employees require special workplace spectacles for work at a PC or a sewing machine, we subsidise these with up to 150 euros per year.
  • Corporate employee offering
    Via the CWS-boco Corporate Benefits Programme, all employees have access to a large number of exclusive bargain offers (e.g. regarding automobiles, travel or fashion).