Internships, working students, degree theses

Are you in the middle of your studies, but eager to experience your subject in practice now? Then seize this opportunity to gain practical professional experience in the following areas:

Corporate development / M&A
Corporate controlling
Corporate communications & responsibility
Corporate business development
[ ...]

As an intern, as a working student or while doing your thesis (bachelor’s/master’s degree), in our company you will have a chance to work on specific projects, make valuable contacts and profit from the expertise of experienced colleagues.


Prerequisites for internships

An internship will give you a chance to gain some initial practical experience. You will be involved in daily business and work on interesting and diversified projects from the very start.


Prerequisites for a working student position

In contrast to an internship, a working student position represents a regular and long-term co-operation. As a working student, you will work for us as a permanent employee during your semester breaks as well as parallel to your studies. You can determine your own working hours flexibly in coordination with your supervisor.

Would you be interested in an internship or a position as a working student in our company? You will find our advertised positions under the heading Vacancies. Please send us your complete application documents, specifying your desired period of employment, preferably by e-mail.


Prerequisites for a thesis

Thesis positions, e.g. for writing a bachelor’s thesis, are advertised only in rare cases. If you would be interested in writing your thesis with a very practical focus, it would be a good idea to gain some initial experience through an internship in our company first. Following your internship, it would be possible for you to write your thesis in a number of areas if a corresponding demand exists in the given department. Please mention any such interests you may immediately have when submitting your application.