Application process at CWS-boco International



You have submitted your application and are now eagerly waiting for a reply? Please be patient. Reviewing your documents may take some time, since we devote equal attention to every applicant. For your information, we have outlined an exact overview of the application process from the receipt of an application to the possible conclusion of a contract here:




  1. You submit your application.
  2. Receipt of your application is acknowledged.
  3. Your application is reviewed by the HR department.
  4. On successfully passing screening, your application is forwarded to the respective operating department.
  5. As a suitable candidate, you are contacted by the HR department and invited to attend the first job interview.
  6. If the results of the first interview are positive, you will then be invited to attend a second interview.
  7. If you can convince us completely that you’re the right person for the job during the second interview, we will offer you a contract.


Questions and answers

What type of application do you prefer?

We prefer online applications to mailing conventional application dossiers, since the electronic approach is faster and more transparent.

What should a good application look like?

A good application is characterized by completeness and transparency. For individual points you should watch for, refer to Application tips.

To whom should I send my application?

Your specific contact person is listed in each job posting.
You can send an unsolicited application to us via this form.


How long does the selection process usually take?

The entire application process from the first contact to the final contract offer usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on the number of applications received and the number of interviews held, the amount of time the process requires also may be longer or shorter than usual.

Who bears the costs for the application procedure?

You had a job interview and would like to invoice your travel expenses? Please notify your contact person at Corporate Human Resources. You will then receive a travel expense reimbursement form. Please complete this form and send it to the following address along with all original documents concerning the incurred travel expenses:

CWS-boco International GmbH
Corporate Human Resources
Franz-Haniel-Platz 6-8
47119 Duisburg, Germany

Costs for public transportation or flights will be reimbursed only at current second class rates. Should your travel expenses be unreasonably high or your point of departure deviate from the place of residence specified in your application documents, please coordinate your travel planning with your contact person at Corporate Human Resources in advance.