Human resources development

Human resources development

We regard it as self-evident that every employee constantly endeavours to learn more in order to further improve his skills. The competence check serves to identify, further develop and promote our employees’ fields of competence.

Our goal is to establish transparent and stable knowledge for each individual employee as well as in the networking between the departments and locations. The sustainability of the established competencies is ensured by obtaining feedback and promoting dialogue.

We offer our employees various opportunities for personal development. All colleagues and managers are supported by our human resources development team. Regarding the various opportunities for personal development, we differentiate i.a. between the following areas:


We place high priority on structured initial training in every area, so that new colleagues will be able to learn the tasks and activities of their position in a structured manner and keep them firmly in mind.


Career opportunities

Our employees have the possibility of choosing from various career paths to develop and expand of their technical expertise or taking a leading role, and thus enhancing their leadership competencies.


Employee dialogue

In an annual, structured discussion between the manager and the employee based on a competency model, the employee’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed and development targets and measures are jointly defined.



Training programme

We offer numerous opportunities for personal development to all colleagues employed in various areas (sales, operations & logistics, administration, management), for example:

  • Technical and management training courses
  • Language and software training
  • Softskill training for self management and work organisation
  • Communication and rhetorics
  • Leadership and co-operation
  • Coaching
  • as well as targeted training courses and programmes for individual needs.


Feedback culture

An open feedback culture is important for us. Specific and constructive feedback gives our colleagues an opportunity to develop themselves both personally and professionally. A positive feedback culture also is strengthened and consolidated by co-operation between departments and between managers and staff.