Benefits at CWS-boco Germany


Day after day we work on our corporate success together with our employees. We greatly appreciate our employees’ commitment and reward it with diverse company benefits:

Reconciliation of family and work life

Various life situations, life plans and life phases impose quite diverse requirements on the way employees shape their everyday working lives, and therefore on the employer as well. CWS-boco offers diverse possibilities here. For example, 416 employees are currently employed by our company in different part-time models, in many cases thus enabling them to reconcile their family and work life.

Company health management

There are diverse offers for the purpose of enhancing our employees’ well-being at the workplace and counteracting possible health risks at an early stage. The topical areas of focus are workplace, exercise, nutrition and information on health topics.

Employee offer programme

We offer our employees exclusive discounts on the products and services of well-known brands and suppliers.

Diverse social benefits

In order to enable a proper response to the various needs of our employees, we have created a large number of offers which support them in a very wide variety of life situations. These include, among other things: Partial retirement, leave of absence for short-term care, childcare subsidy, company pension etc.