Lived corporate values

Passion for service

“To me ‘passion for service’ means always greeting my customers in a friendly way so that they link a friendly face to CWS-boco”.

(Markus Pusch - service driver)

Markus Pusch
Carolin Wanke


“I deal with many different customers every day who call us for various reasons and whose affairs we attend to. For me, integrity means finding sustainable solutions so that the customer feels well looked after by us.”

(Carolin Wanke - Facility Management clerk)

Results orientation

“To me, results orientation in my daily business means positioning, and thus further advancing, boco as a reliable partner of the crafts among the associations and guilds.”

(Peter Ebling - Branch Manager Craft)

Peter Ebling
Guiseppa Lombardo


“What sustainability means to me is going through the company with my eyes open and looking for possibilities e.g. to save energy. So that my children and grandchildren will still be living in a beautiful world.”

(Guiseppa Lombardo - Dreieich laundry)


“With my work, I ensure that the quality of our products improves continuously. For me, quality thus means viewing our products from the user’s perspective and putting customer satisfaction at the center of our thinking.”

(Jennifer Preuninger, Product Management CWS)

Jennifer Preuninger